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Email Template in SO v8.5.7389.11


I want to create an email template that I can use to send out quotations.  Is there a knowledge based article to show me how this can be done?  I want to add footers and headers so is it possible to use an email I have created in Outlook?





RE: Email Template in SO v8.5.7389.11

Hi there,

thank you for the question. 

There is an FAQ, which explains how you can easily create new e-mail template in SuperOffice CRM. Don't forget to choose your e-mail template type "Quote".

Hope that helps!   

Av: Lina Paulauskaitė 2. apr 2020

RE: Email Template in SO v8.5.7389.11


Hi Lina

thanks for answering this for Paul, are there any differences between online and onsite when it comes to this (as long as it is the same or later version)? 

I have tried in online and can use the normal template variables for sales to pull through figures and title as long as I tag the appropraite sale when creating the email via the documents button. If it cna do the same in onsite then we are sorted!


Many thanks



Av: Matt Cove 9. apr 2020