Best practices for deploying Web Tools

What could be a recommended best practice for deploying Web Tools in both laptops, desktops and a Terminal Service environment?

How should updates of Web Tools be handled?

Will an initial System Center install of WebTools be a problem if a user later tries to do an update by himself? (The SC-deployment might do a system wide install while the user does a client wide install of the tool)

Is it possible to do a SC-deployment that mimics a user based install, so that the end user would be able to do their own updates later on?


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RE: Best practices for deploying Web Tools

Currently, the best/better way of distributing Web Tools is by deploying the prerequisites and allowing users to install Web Tools themselves. The installation of Web Tools does not require administrative privileges (but the installation of preqs do). This method will utilize the built-in update functionality. 

Nevertheless, there are companies where users are not allowed to install software on their devices at all. Deploymentwise they need to deploy the preqs and the msi files using their preferred deployment strategy. Unfortunately, after we changed our publishing technique of Web Tools, we skipped publishing our MSI files for Web Tools (which we probably should - they are built). Furthermore updates must be manually handled by the company and deployed through their solution. 

Av: Hans Oluf Waaler 4. okt 2017

RE: Best practices for deploying Web Tools

This a good information, but please specify more precisely what are the prerequsites of the WebTools. 

Administrative privileges are not usual in a business environment, so the information about this difference between preqs and the WebTools are essential. 

A link to the msi files here would be handy and makes it easier to search and find alle relevant information about this topic.

Av: Charles Ernst 6. okt 2017

RE: Best practices for deploying Web Tools

There should be an overview of the prerequisites in this document:

Av: Margrethe Romnes 6. okt 2017

RE: Best practices for deploying Web Tools

In Margrethes link it says "Also note that from 8.1 this will change as we will automatically push Web Tools from a central download service.".

Is the best practice still valid for 8.1 Onsite and Online?


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Av: Jan Bonde 1. nov 2017

RE: Best practices for deploying Web Tools

Hi, the best practice and info on Web Tools deployment post 8.1 was added to this page.

There is still some work left, so the page is still not 100% finished.

Av: Martin Pavlas 6. jul 2018