What does the displayed results after import mean?


I've set up a very simple import (from Excel), which was supposed to update a single field.

The import file had only 2 columns.

  • Number (set as dublicate match - Merge - update empty fields
  • ERP customer number (this is the field I was looking to update

I knew all the Numbers in Excel sheet were present in SuperOffice, so they all should find a match, however I wasn't sure how many of the ERP customer number that was already filled in in SuperOffice or how many that were empty. 

The import filed had 251 rows, the result after the import confused me:

Posts updated in table contact: 58
Posts updated in table udcontactlarge: 187
Posts added in table udcontactlarge: 58
Posts changed in table contact: 193
Posts changed in table udcontactlarge: 0 (I think)

Why so mamy different number, from such a simple import/update?

PS. We do have a problem with Contacts with dublicate Numbers, does this somehow influence the import?

RE: What does the displayed results after import mean?

Number I suspect you refer to as the number field in company card, the one below our contact and code. This is a standard field, present in database table contact.

ERP number however is not a standard field, so I assume you added a userdefined field of type long text and these are stored in UDContactLarge

Now, it updated the contact table, and the corresponding UDContactSmall row, or it creates a UDContactSmall row for those company cards who have not yet any value filled in a userdefined field.

Av: Margrethe Romnes 26. jan 2017