After trigger bug on new sales?

Hi Forum.

I'm experiencing what looks like a critical bug in SuperOffice Online. Am I doing anything wrong, or should this be reported?

The 'After Sale Save trigger' reacts on a wrong ID. The process is as follows:

1) Creating a new sale (without yet saving)

2) Jumping to either contact or company (by clicking on menu button)

3) Jumping back to still new sale - still in Edit Mode.

4) Saving sale.

5) After trigger reacts on sale with Sale-Id from the last visited sale.

6) Sale screen has jumped to the previous visited sale


Picture below shows the situationen shortly after the new sale is saved.

- Popup reveals what the trigger is reacting on (Sale Id 1). 

- Sale screen is showing sale with ID 1

- Url still thinks sale is the newly created (sale ID 6)

RE: After trigger bug on new sales?

I should mention that I can't provoke this behavior when creating new Companies og Contacts.

Furthermore the entire Eventdata object is from the previous Sale.

Av: Kasper Rosenlund 20. feb 2019

RE: After trigger bug on new sales?

Is nobody reacting to this? Its a kind of serious bug :).

Well, guess I'll have to report it then :).

Av: Kasper Rosenlund 26. feb 2019