Before-sale-save trigger fails/crashes, when clicking 'Stalled'.

Hi Guys.

I have the following code on an active 'Before sale save' trigger.

EventData ed = getEventData();
Bool isSaleStalled = ed.getInputValue("SaleStalled") == "true";

If I do the following, SuperOffice crash (with a boom)

1) Press edit on open sale

2) Check 'Stalled'.

3) Message 'test' appears, and sale still in stall mode.

4) Uncheck 'Stalled'

5) Before clicking save again, an appointment appears with '01/01/0001' as start date (see pic 1). This is from my own Online demo.

6) In other cases (haven't really been able to distinguish the differences) SuperOffice crashes (see pic 2). This is from another Online customer. Maybe it has something to do with the date format?

Am I doing something wrong? I just want to warn the users, that they can't set a Sale to 'Stalled'.

[EDIT]: I figured the difference. On my solution autosave on follow-ups wasn't enabled. But I'm still allowed to save the appointment, I'm just not able to see the appointment on  the sale afterwards.


Picture 1

Picture 2




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