Can't show screen in webpanel - keeps asking for login

Hi forum.

I'm trying to develop a solution for an Online customer. To this I need to present a screen under the company card in a webpanel.

Unfortunately I keep getting prompted for login.

I've tried all the tricks I know in the book, but so far no luck. What baffles me is that I'm not doing anything different, than all the other solutions (for other customers) I've been working on before.

I've tried the following without luck:

  • preview_secrect=<usec> in the URL
  • login_secret=<usec> in the URL
  • Tested with all functional rights (not at the same time though)
  • Matched another customers functional rights and screen (copy), with same kind of licenses. Still didn't wlrk.
  • Logged in as all the different license types the customer has (sales, service). No difference.

Base url is

  • .../CS/scripts/blogic.fcgi?_sf=0&action=doScreenDefinition&idString=view_salespipeline&_hideFramework=1


EDIT: I think the issue relates to the same problem as this thread . I noticed that Map4Yous webpanel also showed a login screen, so I don't think it relates only to the screen I'm using.


RE: Can't show screen in webpanel - keeps asking for login

Well, it turned out to be a stupid error from my side.

I was using 'online2.superoffice' in the webpanel URL instead of 'online.superoffice'. 

Map4You ain't working still, though. But that must be a problem for the Support :).

Av: Kasper Rosenlund 7. apr 2020