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"Confirm your roles" for on-premise customer??

Hi everybody, an on-premise customer is getting pretty annoyed because they can't dismiss this message in their on-premise installation. It pops up in the "What's new" box, and judging from the information you ask for, it seems more targeted against Online customers, and not on site customers - so i basically just wanted to ask if you REALLY need these informations for on-premise customers, or if i should just ask them to ignore it, and disable it completely.

This is what their What's new api preference was configured to:



I have removed the preference so they don't see any news (As the solution is on premise they won't get any news anyway without a manual upgrade). Let me know if that's wrong to do so. 


Thanks in advance.

RE: "Confirm your roles" for on-premise customer??

Dear Dennis,

these roles are important contact points and does not only relate to Online. When communicating with customers it is important for us to know who is the correct contact for the three roles identified. It may be the same person if desired.

The easiest advise is just to say that it is benefitial for both parties to fill it in and then only the right contact person will get requested to confirm the role once in a while. This way you avoid "noice" and will have the relevant dialog around topics for your role sent to you.

Then I want to wish you a Happy New Year and that all the roles are confirmed and will take the backseat until needed!

Av: Stein Ove Sektnan 31. des 2019