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Mailings - challenges: link company activities-contact // PDF quality

We are experiencing the following challenges with SO mailings:

1. Mailings and contact

Under "Company", we see mailings that have been sent, however, the column "Contact" is empty and there are no further details that are shown directly. I know there are other methods to check who has received a mailing, but we need a quick and easy way to see which persons/contacts in a company have received a certain mailing, like it was possible some years ago.



Is there any way to achieve this output?

2. PDF quality

We are using PNG graphics with 300 dpi in their original size in some of our Word based document templates. When printing directly from Word, the illustrations/graphics are of desired quality. However, it seems like that the PDFs generated by SOs Mailings produce downsampled versions of the illustrations, which are not acceptable.

Is there a way to adjust settings of the SO8 PDF-engine to improve the quality of graphics?


Windows Server 2016, SQL 2015, SO 8.5



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