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NetScaler & users being logged out

We have two instances (server#1, server#2) of NetServer & CRM Web installed on two different servers, serving both CRM Web & Customer Service.

A NetScaler has been set up, primarily for load balancing, to redirect sessions by IP to either server#1 or server#2.


Currently we are troubleshooting an issue users are experiencing by being suddenly logged out of SuperOffice and needing to log in again. Any unsaved work in text fields (form input etc) is lost and issue is too intermittent to easily perform troubleshooting.


Our current suspicion is session management by the NetScaler, since issue seems resolved when working directly with one of the servers (instead of going via NetScaler)

Even so, after several Wiresharks from both directions (from NetScaler to client & client to NetScaler) we are still finding it hard to troubleshoot issue.


I know other customers have set up NetScaler with SuperOffice (CRM Web and/or Customer Service) successfully, so I'm inquiring for general pointers and suggestions on what specifically to look for.

Where or how is session stored/validated/controlled in CRM Web/Customer Service?

What could be causing browsers being redirected to server#1 lose session (besides timeout)?

How should NetScaler manage session load balancing, so as to work optimally with how SuperOffice manages and validates sessions?


Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions.

RE: NetScaler & users being logged out

Hi Sampo!
I hope that you have got this solved, using SuperOffice Service behind Netscaler.

We (HSB Sthlm) are running a fairly large installation (+400 users) behind Netscaler. And it needs som work to make them play well.

Last weekend we moved our whole server infrastructure to Azure and a brand new Netscaler and it did involve quit a lot of small rules to be implemented in Netscaler to make SuperOffice work. 

If you need assistance I can recommend a good Swedish company that know "everything" about SuperOffice Onsite and Netscaler.


Göran Falkman
CRM Responsible
HSB Stockholm


Av: Göran Falkman 15. jun 2020

RE: NetScaler & users being logged out

A few years ago due to not very stable sentry plugin, we had a lot of disconnections, and like in your case users were kicked out and was a really unpleasant situation. Before fixing the core reason i.e. with help from SuperOffice, I used a "trick" to store users session in the database. Here is a link to an article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/help/317604/how-to-configure-sql-server-to-store-asp-net-session-state .

The benefit is it still may log off users, so they will see hourglass but will keep what they were doing. 

I hope this improves a bit your situation.

Av: Boyan Yordanov 15. jun 2020