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Official support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)


When will SuperOffice official support MS Edg (Chromium based) web browser? 

Nothing about it here.


Last week I filed a bug on MS Edge Chromium based / (and Google Chrom) , from support I just got: chromium is not supported browser. did then Explain the whole situation for the bug/support team. Did not get anymore feedback.

Anyhow. MS ha per yester day taken MS Edge (chromium based) out of beta stage.:


I guess we could tell custmers that i will probably work as good as oi does in Google Chrome? 

I have run this browser my self since long before last summer and has not had any bigger issues related to SuperOffice web lately.

But still offical support is wanted and needed.
Since a lot of customers will shift from IE 11 to MS Edge (Chromium based) as standard web broswer.


RE: Official support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)

Hi Anders,


SuperOffice first needs to test this browser. The test team is aware of this. As soon as this is done, the compatibility reports and system requirements will be updated. I have your initial request here as well, I will answer this today in the same way.


Av: Henk Schepers 16. jan 2020