Possible bug? 'After save''-trigger + soprotocol (to open appointment) causes 'An unexpected error occurred'.

Hi Community.

I'm having a weird problem in one of my scripts (for Online), and seeks information whether or not I'm doing anything wrong.


1) Create a 'After saved sale' trigger.

2) Adds line ed.setNavigateTo("soprotocol:appointment.main?appointment_id=<some existing appointment ID>");

3) Quickly edits sale and saves it.

4) Appointment pops up (as intented).

5) If I press Cancel appointment-popup disappears. 

6) Goes to another Entity. E.g Contact. Then goes back to Sale.

7) Appointment pops up again.


I HAVE to press SAVE, otherwise this continue.

Even worse - If I delete the appointment (from the popup), and do the same procedure, I'm getting an 'An unexpected error occured'.


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