GUI doesn't show properly (in interests, sale links and other places)

Hi Forum.

I've just updated a huge client, and we are experiencing some huge problems with drawnig of GUI.

When clicking edit on Person Interests none of the interest can be seen.

Not until you rearange the size of the windows inside SO Windows. Then all the fields is shown.

I notice, that when the window-size is changed, SO hangs a little, before continueing.

We're using 8.4R04 on a Windows 10 machine.

It's not only in person-interests the problem occurs. The GUI is also missing when adding a link on a sale. 


Hi Kasper,
I suggest you try and upgrade to our latest 8.5 that is right around the corner.
Alternatively, you are going to need to register a Support Case/Red Alert as it will require a new 8.4 release build.

Why this issue only shows itself for a few clients and rarely if ever on any of our test machines is a mystery that we have never prioritized. But then again, we are merely 4 Win users here..
But I know why it happens:
The Win32 HWND hierarchy for the target View is missing a WB_CLIPCHILDREN attribute at some level.
This attribute must in some cases be manipulated dynamically as is the case for WaterMarks so it is not just a matter of fixing it once and for all deep down in the old Starview framework :-(

The Add Activity Link dialog issue was only recently identified by another partner and is fixed in our latest 8.5.

Terribly sorry about the inconveniance this is causing!



Av: Conrad Weyns 19. jun 2019

Hi Conrad.

Thank you for your answer. 

This didn't show up before the final upgrade of their environment. All previous test-upgrades didn't reveal this situation. The previous test-upgrades still showed the 'link'-bug though, so I'm glad that this bug has been identified.

Fortunately this is not a deal-breaker for the customer, but they are getting worried. Because 'What else could be a problem'.

In the near future, an upgrade to 85R03 will take place. Ill happily return with an update of the customer at that point.

Av: Kasper Rosenlund 3. jul 2019