How do I debug javascript error in SO Win webpanel?

Hi everyone.

A customer is using a webpanel to show a login screen to a foreign system.

After upgrading the foreign system, Targit, the webpanel doesn't load correct - it stalls in the loading process, and no error is thrown. If I open the webpanel in the browser it works as intended.

I've been able to pinpoint to a javascript error. But is there a way of tracing this in more detail? I'm hoping for some kind of 'Developer tools to further debug the issue.

I've tested the following:

- Navigating to the url from the webpanel in IE, Chrome and Edge. Works as intended.

- Created a simple html site with an iframe, from which the url from the webpanel is shown. Works fine in IE, Edge and Chrome.

- If I add this simple html site to the customers IIS, and use this address in the minicard (through another webpnael), I'm able to 'trigger' the same issue. But this time the javascript error is revealed.






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