Missing Quote Template Variable?


Many of the customers I have spoken with, want to use quote for leasing, rent or subscription.

In the qoute they send to their customers, they want to show cost/month for each quote line, instead of the total contract value.


But I am missing the quote template variable needed for this, here is an example:

In my quote I want to offer two machines, which each costs 400NOK / Month, for a 12 month subscription period.

In the quote document that shall be sent to the customer, I want to present a total value of 800NOK / Month, and actually hide the total contract value (9600NOK)

Has anybody ever seen a quote variable that will give this value, which is 800NOK in this example?

Now there is a workaround, which is to use a PRODUCT(LEFT) formula in word, but I would rather not use workarounds.

Anybody else who have had this challenge? Or experience with subscriptions in quote?

RE: Missing Quote Template Variable?


I do exactly the same but solved the issue using Word Field Maths on the quote template

So I get total price per month, including applying of any discounts

Once you know how, it is easy.


Av: Jochen Siegenthaler 14. nov 2015

RE: Missing Quote Template Variable?

Hi all,

we too are missing these variables - I am able to add Word Maths Fields, as Jochen points out, so that I can calculate the line item price per month

What we would now like though is the Total Price per Month on each alternative

As Jan points it there is also a workaraound of using a formual on the sub total for the alternative so we "Could" use the formula =SUM(ABOVE)

Using that though you have to manually right-click the field in Word and Refresh it for it to recalculate so this is not an option when the quote is going straight to PDF as it remains at the default 0.00

Are these template variables for price per month still not implemented where subscriptions are used on both the line items and the alternative totals?


Cheers James

Av: James Carter 10. mar 2020