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Office 365 account locked after cancelling appointments.


A customer of ours recently cancelled a few appointments at the same time and then had his office 365-account blocked.

What happened was that the user canceled 2 meeting requests from Superoffice, then said yes to SuperOffice when asked if he wanted to send e-mails to inform attendees about it. Then 33 cancellation emails was sent to 33 different recipients.

In Office 365 there is something called sender's submission quota which says that if you send more than 30 emails in one minute, the account is blocked, so it will not be used to send out spam etc.

This may indicate that there is something that hangs or runs in Superoffice, because when Microsoft opened the account again it locks in the same way without the user sending any emails.

What we have done now is to deactivate the ‘Superoffice Ribbon’ supplement in Outlook so that it has no contact with Superoffice, and then it works fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Is there something in the Mail Link that thinks it's not done with the cancellation, so when it's activated again it to complete it?

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