Quote template presented in a matrix

Hello, this is my first post in the forum, so be gentle :-)

I have a customer who recently upgraded to SO OnPrem ver 8.3 (release 24.5.2018).
They have setup KeyForce Quote connector to Visma Global.

The customer wants to present the Quote - document from SO in a matrix, like so:

Article Price 1-3 Price 4-10 Price 11-20
Art101 740 NOK 598 NOK 455 NOK
Art102 850 NOK 660 NOK 545 NOK
Art900 110 NOK 76 NOK 55 NOK

Originally, I have setup a Quote template, using QUOTEDETAILS, and tied this to a Sales Type of the customers' choice. When adding products to the sale's quote, they use the alternative - feature.

The customer no longer wants the structure I've built and they are looking for a way to structure it like the example table above.

Below is the excisting template.

Can anyone help?


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RE: Quote template presented in a matrix

Hello Thomas

I assume 1-3, 4-10, 11-20 means different prices for whatever quantity the customer chooses to purchase and that this is registered in the Visma Global price list?

Are these different prices provided by the Keyforce connector already? If not, I guess the first step would be to adjust the Keyforce connector so that the prices are being sent into quote when fetching the products.

Quote has got "extra fields", so I'm thinking you could send each of these quantity-based prices into a separate extra field, for instance extraField1, extraField 2, extraField 3.

So your quotedetails would look something like this:


Price 1-3

Price 4-10

Price 11-20






Though this wouldn't calculate discounts, and any price changes in the quote would have to be done three times in each of the extra fields. And before sending the order into Visma Global the salesperson would have to manually set the final amount and price.

I hope I understood your question correctly and that this is to some help.

Av: Espen Steen 11. sep 2019

RE: Quote template presented in a matrix

Hello Espen, and thank you for your response.

You understood my question accurately, the different prices refer to different amount - ranges for each product item.

The customer has chosen to use another strategy to solve this ( ie. manually presenting it in a matrix ), but I will keep your idea in mind for another project.

yours sincerely


Av: Thomas Jenssen 11. sep 2019

RE: Quote template presented in a matrix

Hi again Thomas

That's good to hear. I actually thought this was a brand new question, since it popped up at the top for me. I see now I was a little late to the party.. :)

Av: Espen Steen 12. sep 2019