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Change or remove item of entity menu

Is it possible to change or remove an item of the hamburger menu of standard ticket screen?

I would like to replace the standard "Print request" by a custom report.

Hamburger menu of ticket screen

I already added a new item "Create sale" here, by using a hook script (includeId = HtmlPage.ej_viewTicket_80.beforePrint), and tried something to remove a menu item, albeit unsuccessful:

Map m1;
m1.insert("label", "Create sale");
m1.insert("url", getProgramCustomer() + "&action=safeParse&includeId=CreateStandardSale&key=qmgYnw9K8MIIoBDF&ticketId=");
m1.insert("iconUrl", baseUrl + "/Images/SmallIcon/Mini_Sale.png");
m1.insert("target", "_blank");
m1.insert("appendId", "true");
getHtmlElement("EditEntityMenu").setFieldValue("addMenu", m1);  // Add a menu item "Create sale" to execute the CRMScript "CreateStandardSale"
Map m2;
m2.insert("index", "2");
getHtmlElement("EditEntityMenu").setFieldValue("deleteMenu", m2);  // Pure guess, does not work

Any ideas?

RE: Change or remove item of entity menu

Sorry, there is no removeMenu function.

You can specify a default profile for this element and untick the "Include standard menu options" checkbox, and then add all the menu options yourself.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 2. mar 2020