How to cleanup when Importmail failes/stop


Sometimes we experience that Importmail stops and new tickets are not created.

When we check the Outlook mailbox we can see that there are several email's still in the Inbox. (Service is configured with Imaps and has worked. No access rights changed, and it will work again as soon as we have removed the mail that has stopped the import)

Usually there are several email's in Outlook Inbox that are marked as Read and the newst ones are Unread (those are the ones not created as tickets).

It seems that either the oldest read email in Outlook is the one blocking the import og new tickets. If we delete this the import of tickets usually starts again.

But sometimes we get duplicate tickets when the import runs again. 

So we need some info on how this is handled. 

I know the email are saved as txt files in the Customer Service\Text\Inbox folder on the server.

But are the email's saved as txt files there when the email are marked as read (I think so) or when the mail are deleted from Outlook?

Should the Text\Inbox folder always be empty after tickets are created or is the txt files kept a certain number of days?

When we need to cleanup after the Importmail stops, what is the correct way to do this to avoid duplicate tickets?

Stop ejScheduler service?

End all Importmail.exe processes?

Delete all read email's in Outlook?

Delete files in Text\Inbox folder on server (older than xx days?)?

Start ejScheduler service



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