S_SENT_MESSAGE table deprecated?


I have a customer, who is using emarketing module. They have an excel spreadsheet that is using a SQL view my collegue has made for them some time ago, that points to the s_sent_message table, in order to get data about when a message has been read by an receipient. However after they got their environment upgraded to version 8 SR4 last year, no new data has been added to that table since. So my question is - is this table deprecated, and where does emarketing keep data about receipients and opened and sent messages today?

The s_shipment table contains correct data with the latest campaign starting tomorrow (31/3/2017) so i can't figure out where these data are now?


Thanks in advance

RE: S_SENT_MESSAGE table deprecated?


Av: Dennis Mortensgaard 6. apr 2017

RE: S_SENT_MESSAGE table deprecated?

Yes, s_shipment_addr is used for all statistics, it's no longer moved from this after it is sent.

And s_link_customer and s_link_customer_statical has the info about clicks.

Av: Margrethe Romnes 7. apr 2017