8.4 R08 download link not working

Hi, I see the 8.4 R08 version is listed under releases, but the Download link just redirects back to the frontpage.

Is there perhaps an issue with the publishing?

Thanks for reporting, Frode. I just tried it now, and it seems to be working fine.

Av: Hans Chr. Grønsleth 12. apr 2019

I guess it's working for you since you are an internal user. I still just get redirected to the front page.

Av: Frode Lillerud 12. apr 2019

Same problem here.

Av: Matthijs Wagemakers 12. apr 2019

Thanks. I will look into this.

Av: Hans Chr. Grønsleth 12. apr 2019

Can you try now?

Av: Erik Eide 12. apr 2019

Thanks, works now!

Av: Frode Lillerud 12. apr 2019

Tried download at 21.30 Oslo time), the link https://community.superoffice.com/?ReturnUrl=%2fen%2fcontent%2fresources%2fsoftware-downloads%2fReleases%2fsuperoffice-84-r08%2f  goes back to community home page.  (checked on two differen machines/browser before and after cleaning cashe.)

anyone else having issues ?



Av: Eirik Simonsen 12. apr 2019

You're most likely missing a usergroup in Episerver. Send me an email and I will fix it.

Av: Margrethe Romnes 13. apr 2019

why 8.4 R08 not published under the download archive section as usual?

That states 8.4 R07 as latest version 

The download link under the release page does not work for me.


Best regards


Av: Anders Larsson 15. apr 2019

Each time you log in we check your companies relationship with us, so if something is not correct then verify that the company name on your profile is correct

If it's not, please raise a support request

Av: Margrethe Romnes 15. apr 2019

Hi, why would that block me from downloading latest version? 

I do not follow...

I have sent you an email Margrethe.


Edit: DL link does work now


Av: Anders Larsson 15. apr 2019

The link for "list of solved issues" is pointing at solved issues for R07 instead of R08...

Av: Jan Bonde 15. apr 2019

@Jan Bonde: I've updated the link for "list of solved issues" to point to solved issues for R08.

Av: Frode Berntsen 16. apr 2019

@Frode Berntsen: Gracias!

Av: Jan Bonde 16. apr 2019