Can't see activities under certain conditions

Hi Community.

I've a question regarding visibility of activities. Can anyone explain the following scenario? Looks like a bug, but maybe its just a preference, that I'm unaware of?

1) Associate A create an appointment, in my their calender, with Company X.

2) Adds a participant from Company Y. 

3) Now associate A can see the activity under Company X, but can't see the same activity under Company Y. Even though associate A owns it.

4) All other users (given their Roles and groups) can see this activity. But again, not the associate who created it.

5) Strangly enough Associate ID is missing (see pic below)


How can this be?

I've checked in on-premise 8.4 and Online. 


Company acitivites from another associates view. Notice that Associate ID is missing.


RE: Can't see activities under certain conditions


 Thank you for your feedback. The bug has been logged as the issue ID 63353 and should be synced to our community bug search system by tomorrow.


Av: Mindaugas Kaucikas 28. feb 2019