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Form submission, pass information to another website

For one of our customers we need to pass information of a form to another website.

The business case is the following:

They plan to publish SuperOffice forms for invitations to various events on their website. Each form will grab basic data of participants, e.g. name and email address. When a participant submits the form then he/she should be redirected to the website ("landing page") of the partner that actually carries out the event. The data entered in the SuperOffice form should be passed to the landing page, where the partner will grab additional information, e.g. details of the particular event.

With the thank you page I can redirect the participant to another website, but I cannot pass any information to the website.

I tried with a CRMScript to be executed upon submission of the form. Within the CRMScript I have the relevant information of the participant available, in the EventData object. But I am not able to redirect to another website.

setVariable("url", …) does not work (this works only in screens and screenchoosers).

Is there any way to let the CRMScript redirect to a new URL?

Any other ideas?


RE: Form submission, pass information to another website

Hi Marc,


Not sure if this is still relevant, but maybe you could change the process slightly to make things possible. An example could be:

- Create a ticket when a form is submitted

- Use the ticketdata to figure out which partner is organizing the event

- Store the information in extra table fields

- Send a confirmation e-mail (using a reply template for example) which notifies the customer who submitted the form > all the event information plus a direct link to the partner website can then be stored in the content of the e-mail.



Av: Bas Kreijveld 31. mai 2019

RE: Form submission, pass information to another website

Hi Bas

This is a good idea, thanks for the hint.

For the customer, however, this is not an option. They want to keep visitors of their web site in a flow, which will be disrupted by the additional email. So a visitor will get a first email (from SuperOffice) with a link to the partners website; and, from the partners web site another one, confirming subscription to their event.

The goal should be to send the user from the form directly to partners website. They only solution I can figure out is to design the form in the CMS of the customers website rather than in SuperOffice. The form will interact with SuperOffice to register the visitor in SuperOffice database and register the forwarding action in an extra table.

Best regards


Av: Marc Eberhard 27. jun 2019