Import a list of recipients (contacts) from an external file - unknown contacts

Sometimes I want to send a mailing to recipients from outside of my CRM. It could be contacts who has signed up and has given consent on my webpage. Perhaps these contacts has only left their name and e-mail address (and consent) to receive a newsletter. 

It has never been a problem to import recipients from an external file, and it is still possible. The new problem is, that the mailing will only be send to contacts who already excist in SuperOffice CRM in advance. So recipients from my external list, who are not in SuperOffice, will not receive the mailing. And that is at big problem for several customers.

I understand the consent issue, but we must trust that our customers only send mailings to contacts that has given consent. I don´t think that our mailings should skip the unknown contacts.

A suggestion would be to import all your contacts from your external list into SuperOffice. But if I only have the name and e-mail address of the contact, and no company, it will bring me almost no value in SuperOffice. Especially If I don´t use links or variables I see no reason to import the contact. 

The customers who has discovered this new "feature" are actually big customers, that uses the mailings to send imformation to contacts on behalf of others. The subscription and consent are handled correctly in another system.

Can anyone explain the reason for this new "feature"? Or is it a mistake...

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PS. If it is on purpose, the Help index should be corrected, because it says:

Note: SuperOffice Marketing will try to look up the imported recipients in the SuperOffice database. If matches are found, the recipients' companies will be listed in the Company column in the Recipients list.

The text should instead explain, that if no matches are found the contact will not receive the mailing.

RE: Import a list of recipients (contacts) from an external file - unknown contacts

This is the expected behaviour if you have the GDPR functionality enabled. If not, then you can use the import function to mail to recipients not in the system.

Av: Patrik Larsson 25. mar 2020

RE: Import a list of recipients (contacts) from an external file - unknown contacts

Thank you Patrick.

The problem here is that the customers actually use CRM to handle GDPR and consent, but they also have this external sign up form, for recipients/contacts that, in their opinion, doesn´t belong in CRM. Mostly because the contact has no company (a private person) or belongs to a company that are not in our SuperOffice (sales opportunity, I know, but not in these cases :o)

It would have been wonderful if it was a preference or a functional setting, that you are allowed to send mailings to external recipients, like the functional right to "owerwrite consent" in mailings.


Av: Susan Laugaard Hansen 25. mar 2020