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Import list of recipients - persons excluded

When importing a list of recipients to a mailing, I experience that some persons, that are already registered in the CRM, is excluded. Both consent and subscriptions are ok on the current persons.

Same thing is happening with a customer - which is why I tested it myself.

RE: Import list of recipients - persons excluded

Hi Tom Erik

I´m not sure I understand you problem and what you are showing.. Sorry :o)

But what I have discovered is, that it is no longer possible to import a external list of recipients, and send a mailing to the imported recipients, if the recipients doesn´t exist in SuperOffice as contacts.

So to create a mailing list from an external list, you have to import your contacts using "import" in the Settings and maintenance (remember to add consent and subscription type). Then use the selection with the recent created contacts as your mailing list in Mailings.

Personally I preferred th possibility to send a mailing from SuperOffice to recipients who are not registered in SuperOffice. The case could be that the contacts were kept in another system with consent stored, and I don´t want these contacts into SuperOffice for some reasen (maybe B2C).

But new settings in SuperOffice Mailings simply removes unknown recipients from an external list, if the contact isn´t in SuperOffice.

Hope this answers your question...


Av: Susan Laugaard Hansen 11. mai 2020

RE: Import list of recipients - persons excluded

Hi Susan

Yes, I'm aware of that change. This is however not the case. I'll try to explain it more detailed:

I want to create a mailling based on a list from another system. I know that these persons are registered in SuperOffice, and consent is taken care of/overrided. 

Person 1
Person 2
Person 3 

Without any logical explenation, Person 2 is not imported, even though he/she is registered in SO. 

Av: Tom Erik Helle 11. mai 2020

RE: Import list of recipients - persons excluded

Okay, thank you for really pointing it out ;o)

Is it always line 2 which are not added? Or is it always the same person? Did you try to change the order to see if it is the line or the person?

Unfortunately I have no suggestions on how to solve the problem. I haven´t seen it before or have had customers complain about it...

Av: Susan Laugaard Hansen 12. mai 2020

RE: Import list of recipients - persons excluded


No, I've already tried to change the order of persons in the list. There is one common factor though: that is that the contact being excluded is registered on "my company". My customer also mentioned a similar example. One of their employees was also excluded, but they haven't verified if others are also excluded.

Tom Erik

Av: Tom Erik Helle 13. mai 2020