"No consent" vs. "No subscription"

What is the actual difference between the statuses "No consent" and "No subscription" in the recipient list for a mailings? Is there a definition of all available statuses somewhere to read?

As I understand it "No consent" means that the contact has not acceptet to receive anything from us at all. It is the big checkmark above the subscription types.
"No subscription" in the status on the mailing list means that the contact has not subscribed for that specific type of newsletter, invitations, campaign or what your different subscription types are. But he has given consent to receive mailings from us.

When you start up a new mailing in step 1 - settings, you tell SuperOffice what type of mailing you are doing. So if you a making a mailing with the type "Newsletter", but one of the contacts on your mailing list has not subscribed to "Newsletters", but only "Invitations", he will get a "No subscription" status (in step 4), and will not receive the mailing.

I hope it makes sense, and that I am correct ;o)

Av: Susan Laugaard Hansen 30. apr 2020


This sounds reasonable and it makes sense :)


Av: Patrik Larsson 30. apr 2020