Open web panels in external browser


We want to use a web panel to start a new chat in Whatsapp from Pocket CRM. If you are visiting a web page from an external browser (like Chrome) with a link in the form of '<atpc>' it will open a chat window with the current contact's mobile number. 

However if you try this from Pocket CRM the web panel will open in the internal browser of Pocket which seems unaware of anything beyond Pocket on the phone. The screen will show an error message and only after clicking the 'View in external browser' it will take you to Whatsapp. 

Is there a way to circumvent the internal browser in Pocket?



RE: Open web panels in external browser

Interestingly, I am using web panels to publish a compact view of SuperOffice CS to a PocketCRM. Works pretty well within SuperOffice, but it is more convenient to be on a separate page. It will be interesting to be able to control it similar to:


I tested it but is not working. (we have on-premise SuperOffice 8.5 R05).

For us it will be more convenient to open in a browser, even thou there is a workaround to place a shortcut no phone manually, but not that easy to propagate and control.

In a similar way, I want to also make available other resources like SharePoint location, etc.


Av: Boyan Yordanov 24. jan 2020