PocketCRM and Per-App VPN


in our company we are using Sophos Mobile Control as MDM solution for our iOS and Android devices. Since we don’t want to expose our NetServer to the internet, the apps need to communicate via VPN with our server.

But if we push PocketCRM as managed app with Per-App VPN configuration (via Global Protect) on iOS, the app is crashing instantly upon startup.

Does anyone experience the same trouble or is there any solution for this problem?

Regards, Maik

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

This sounds like an interesting solution, I would also be interested an answer regarding this!


Av: Marcus Svenningsson 2. apr 2019

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN


We have a customer who only uses pocket through VPN. 
I believe they use Cisco anyConnect on their phones. 

Sounds weird that the app crashes, is this when configuring or login? 


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 2. apr 2019

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

The MDM solution must support integration with App Store or Google Play. There is no other way.

Av: Jan Petter Hagberg 4. apr 2019

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

Sorry for the late response.

Our MDM solution (Sophos Mobile) is using the standard environment and interfaces provided by iOS, especially the standard per-App VPN functionality, and it is integrated with App Store.

Using per-App VPN the VPN connection is established in background upon starting the app. This may take some milliseconds, sometimes up to one or two seconds, but this should not result in crashing the app. In this case I just see the splash screen of PocketCRM for about one second and then it crashes instantly. We are using some other apps to communicate with our environment the same way without any issues.

Av: Maik Mättig 9. mai 2019

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

We have a similar situation. Customer that has a 'test upgrade to 8.5'. Pocket works/signs on properly when not on VPN.

(new on pocket: they are evaluating use, or not depending on outcome of tests.

When on VPN: it crashes: they are using ' Mobile Iron, one of the top 3 MDM providers, fully integrated with the App Store.  VPN is Mobile Iron’s Tunnel app, which works with every other app we’re exposing to external access (Tableau, PRTG, Safari)'.

Any log file(s) other components that can be relevant to look at ?




Av: Eirik Simonsen 9. aug 2019

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN


Any news when it comes to the problems noted in this thread?

Has the problems been solved or are there better workarounds nowadays?


Av: Marcus Svenningsson 26. mai 2020

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

Is there anybody that have a customer that have used Microsoft Intune for this kind of packaged per-app-vpn deplyment?

Any experiences are appreciated.



Av: Marcus Svenningsson 28. mai 2020

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

We are actively looking for Per-App VPN solution for iOS and Android and also noticed the link with configuration via Intune. I hope to have some results to share shortly.

Av: Boyan Yordanov 28. mai 2020

RE: PocketCRM and Per-App VPN

In a discussion with an on-prem customer (who does have an interest in use of pocket) this week, this issue came up again. Per previous, post in this thread,this is the use of 'Mobile Iron' (mobileiron.com), where attempting a logon on Iphone fails (Android does not display the same issue).  Any news/experiences/suggestions welcome.



Av: Eirik Simonsen 26. mar 2021