PocketCRM on Android Phones


We have started to experience issues with re-configuring the app on Adroid phones. 
When a customer changes url/address they need to reconfigure their app. But after scanning the QR-code they dont get to the login-screen. They instead get to where they can insert the URL manually, and if they click 'login' it just goes back to this page. 

We tried resetting the app (remove all cache and buffer, then reinstalling) but it looks like the old settings are stored somewhere. I found another post on devnet (https://community.superoffice.com/en/technical/Forum/rooms/topic/superoffice-product-group/pocketcrm-application/pocketcrm-gives-authentication-failed/ ) explaining that this is standard Android who archives these settings and restores them on app-install. We are basically unable to fully reset the settings with this functionallity on.
Since this is a problem for Android-users (it works well on iPhone) and this has not been a problem before, is suspect this could be connected to whatever was done to fix the bug in the post above. 

Any suggestions? 


RE: PocketCRM on Android Phones

this does not sound like an issue with preserved configuration, but rather that the url given by the QR code is wrong, that the endpoint is not accessible, or it could be a problem with the server certificate.

We have seen instances where a certificate is accepted by iOS but not by Android.

Using a ssl verifier could give an indicator wether this could be the issue here. Google "verify ssl certificate" to show some online services to do this.


Av: Jomar Johansen 24. sep 2019

RE: PocketCRM on Android Phones

I'll verify that the certificate is OK. 
The weird thing is that i can reach the netserver through the browser on the phone (without errors).
Does pocketCRM validate the certificate differently then e.g. Chrome on the phone? 
If so its good to know, i normally just validate i can access the netserver/.svc-files on the browser on the phone, so ill change my routine to do this kind of test instead. 

I see i get 'the server is not sending the required intermediate certificate' so it looks like you are on to something, ill post back when i get this fixed and confirm :)

Thank you!


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 24. sep 2019

RE: PocketCRM on Android Phones

Looks like the issue was indeed the certificate. 
They had a netscaler in front that didnt handle the certificate correctly. 
As said before everything tested OK in the browser on the phone but after the testing you suggested we found the root of this issue :)



Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 25. sep 2019

RE: PocketCRM on Android Phones


I seem to be experiencing the same kind of problem described in this thread.

This wouldn't happen to be the sort of problem detected by the SSL checker in your case Eivind?



Av: Marius Gabrielsen 24. jun 2020