Win 8.3 RO1


- Personize only! This means Person Card only, no more Dialog. This still requires the Netserver personize feature to be on in your local SuperOffice.config file. However, it should be deployed so as default. If it is missing you will get a message box to that effect at startup and you will need to edit it.
2 sections are needed:

In the Superoffice sectionGroup:

      <sectionGroup name="FeatureToggles">
        <section name="State" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler, System, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />

In the SuperOffice section:

        <add key="Personize" value="true" />

(If you get the xml wrong, nothing much will work so..)

- Selection of Companies/Contacts is now a standard Netserver provider based archive. Not any longer a hybrid.
This means lots more columns to choose from. Extender columns will show up. The down-side is an inferior live-update. Just hit the refresh button some more if you think the data could be out of date.
- Company & Contact relations are now standard Netserver provider based archives. Not any longer pure c++/sodbif.
This means more columns to choose from, as in Web. Extender columns will show up. The down-side is a very inferior live-update. Live update will only work for relation changes, not Company&Contact changes. Use the refresh button if you think the data is out of date.


With some reservations as I havn't been able to test all 100% yet. If issues are found, report to me and I will fix for next release.

        [id(64), helpstring("Get all relations with connection to this person")]
            HRESULT GetRelations([out, retval] IRelations** ppRelations);

        [id(42),helpstring("method EditPersonClicked")] HRESULT EditPersonClicked();
        [id(43),helpstring("method EditPersonComplete")] HRESULT EditPersonComplete();

        [id(44),helpstring("method PreCopySoProtocol")] HRESULT PreCopySoProtocol( [in] BSTR soProtocol, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );
        [id(45),helpstring("method PrePhoneDial")] HRESULT PrePhoneDial( [in] BSTR ownerTable, [in] long ownerIdentity, [in] long internalId, [in] BSTR phoneNr, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );
        [id(46),helpstring("method PhoneDialed")] HRESULT PhoneDialed( [in] BSTR phoneNr );

        [id(47),helpstring("method ExternalUserCreated")] HRESULT ExternalUserCreated( [in] long assocId );
        [id(48),helpstring("method ExternalUserSaved")] HRESULT ExternalUserSaved( [in] long assocId );

        [id(49),helpstring("method FilterPreviewHint")] HRESULT FilterPreviewHint( [in] BSTR previewHint, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );
        [id(50),helpstring("method FilterTooltipHint")] HRESULT FilterTooltipHint( [in] BSTR tooltipHint, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );
        [id(51),helpstring("method FilterEncodedTooltipText")] HRESULT FilterEncodedTooltipText( [in] BSTR encodedTooltipText, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );

        [id(52),helpstring("method FilterRestrictions")] HRESULT FilterRestrictions( [in] BSTR providerName, [in] BSTR guiName, [in] BSTR fullSoProtocol, [in] BSTR serializedRestrictions, [out, retval] BSTR* retVal );


        [id(19), helpstring("method CurrentContactAssociateChanged")] HRESULT CurrentContactAssociateChanged(long oldValue, long newValue);
        [id(20), helpstring("method CurrentContactDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentContactDefaults();

        [id(17), helpstring("method CurrentPersonDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentPersonDefaults();

        [id(17), helpstring("method CurrentSaleDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentSaleDefaults();

        [id(15), helpstring("method CurrentProjectDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentProjectDefaults();

        [id(21), helpstring("method CurrentDocumentDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentDocumentDefaults();

        [id(18), helpstring("method CurrentAppointmentDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentAppointmentDefaults();

        [id(13), helpstring("method CurrentSelectionDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentSelectionDefaults();

        [id(13), helpstring("method CurrentRelationDefaults")] HRESULT CurrentRelationDefaults();


        [id(5), helpstring("internal method - used to dispatch events to subscribers with return value.")]
        HRESULT HandleInvokeWithReturn([in] BSTR ClassID, [in] BSTR MethodName, [in] VARIANT pDispParams, [out,retval] VARIANT * pRetValue );


New events are also available as Script events, On*Something*. Use the script event viewer to see what is happening.

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