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Language support

In this article

    SuperOffice Sales & Marketing supports the following languages

    Category 1 Languages (A)

    These langauges have the core software, documentation (help) and traning material translated in to the local language.

    1. Norwegian (NO)
    2. Swedish (SW)
    3. Danish (DA)
    4. German (GE)
    5. Dutch (NL)
    6. English (US)


    Category 2 Languages (B)

    These languages have the core software and documentation (help) translated in to the local language.

    1. Czech (CZ)
    2. Spanish (SP)
    3. French (FR)
    4. Italian (IT)
    5. Chinese (simplyfied) (CN)


    Category 3 Languages (C)

    These langauages have only the core software translated in to the language. Documentation (help) is in English.

    1. Finnish (FI)
    2. Polish (PL)
    3. Japanese (JP)
    4. Russian (RU)


    Definition core software:

    Dialogs, standard reports, import data (lists, countrynames, etc), standard templates