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Administration and reports

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    With the Administrator user you get two more option on the DataPower Learning page:

    Image where you can find the administrator menu for eLearning

    When you click on Reports, these options are available: Course progress, Test results and customised report:

    Image where you can run reports for eLearning

    If you click on Course progress you can choose different course titles and categories to show reports on wanted settings.

    Image where you can get the Course Progress for eLearning

    After the wanted settings are applied you click on the Show report button and this report opens, which gives an overview of how many users that has gone thru the course.

    Image where you can get the Course Progress report for eLearning

    If you click on Test results in the left navigator, you will get the same options as for the Course progress:

    Image where you can get the Test Result for eLearning


    If an user or an administrator user leaves the company

    DataPower have an Administration web-page for change of the different user license among other.

    If the administrator leaves your company or you forget the name and/or the password for the Administrator user of SuperOffice eLearning, you need to contact DataPower to change the contact person that should be the new Administrator for SuperOffice eLearning.

    Send information about:

    • Company name
    • Serial number
    • Old user with person name + e-mail address (if you know)
    • New user with person name + e-mail address

    The e-mail address is your username, so you need to get a password from DataPower and they will change the information in their data system.


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