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Quote line

In this article
    qlpk ERP Product key
    qlky ERP Quote Line key
    qlnm Name
    qlpc Code
    qlf1 Extrafield 1
    qlf2 Extrafield 2
    qlf3 Extrafield 3
    qlf4 Extrafield 4
    qlf5 Extrafield 5


    qldc Description
    qlpu Price unit
    qlqu Quantity unit
    qlqa Quantity
    qlqd Quantity delivered
    qlmp Unit minimum price
    qllp Unit list price
    qldp Discount percent
    qlda Discount amount
    qlst Sub total
    qltp Total price
    qlit Item number
    qlur URL
    qlca  Product category


    qlfa Product family
    qlty Product type
    qlsu Supplier
    qlsc Supplier code
    qlva VAT
    qlvi VAT info
    qlre Reason