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    7.6 Versjonsnummer: 7.6.5435Lanseringsdato: 18. nov 2014

    A new version of the Pocket CRM is now released.

    This update will cover the following product:

    • Pocket CRM client for iOS (distributed in Apple App Store)
    • Pocket CRM Client for Android(distributed in Google Play)
      • Pocket CRM Server

     The major news in this version are:

    • Checklist view in calendar
    • Notifications are moved to a new home screen
    • Swipe down to refresh lists
    • Swipe left on list items for shortcuts
    • Swipe left or right in day, week and month to go to prev an next
    • Sale status screen is shown as a column chart
    • Auto search in all search fields 
    • Support for local device proxy settings
    • Various minor bug fixes and improvements (See Product Issue Center)

    NOTE! It is not mandatory to upgrade the Pocket Server, but if you do not upgrade the Pocket CRM Server the new features will not be available on the clients