How to log in using Google and O365

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    This article is based upon you have already configured either CloudOffice integration (Office365 Integration or Google Integration), or IDP is set up.

    How-to: Log in to CRM Online with O365 / Google authentication activated

    Go to

    Type in the email address, click [Next].

    If your browser already have an active O365 / Google session - it will re-use this session to log you automatically in.

    If browser have no active O365 / Google session - it will re-direct you to O365 / Google for authentication before logging you in to CRM Online.

    "Forgot password" feature is now handled by O365 / Google - since O365 / Google is activated as authentication methid for your site.


    How-to: Add a new user (not on SuperId)

    This option is only for sites/tenants NOT yet on SuperID using IDP.

    1. Open Admin, go to Users

    2. Click “Add”

    3. Input cloud account email address,
    click “Save”

    4. If needed to change from SuperOffice Auth to Google / O365:
    Click button [...] to change auth. Type.

    5. Choose “Google is responsible.. ” or "O365 is responsible...", click “OK”

    6. Add Google / O365 cloud account username / email address in "Login with:", role and license information as needed:

    7. Click [Save]