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Move tenant to SuperId

In this article

    Make CRM Online tenant ready for IDP

    Currently, all tenants are by default not IDP-ready, and can therefore not use SuperID.

    • Click here to read the 'Terms and conditions'
      • Terms and conditions

        Once the tenant is moved to SuperID (step 3) - we currently do not support to move you back to the standard login feature. Users' password of this tenant will also be moved to SuperID - and SuperID will handle authentication, including non-IDP users administration of passwords (ie.: reset password, set a new password). All authentications features are moved from the local tenant - to SuperID. Password administration will be self-service, SO Admin will lose their ability to set and reset a user's password from the SO Admin client.
        Note: "Set new password" feature of SuperID requires users to validate their authentication through 2-step email verification.
        Note: The creation of a new user feature from Admin requires users to validate their authentication through a 2-step email verification. You must, therefore, have access to this new user's email to verify the user before you are able to use it and log in.
        Note: Your tenant is not eligible to use the 'password policy' preferences in SuperOffice Admin, as this is not used when using either SuperID or your IDP service for authentication.



    To activate the SuperID feature and make the tenant IDP-ready - contact SuperOffice:

    Please use this form for your request to enable SuperID for your tenant.

    We will confirm back to the submitted email address once SuperID is enabled.

    The tenant needs to be 'recycled' to get the new SuperID features. This will log out users of your tenant for a moment - and they will lose any on-going work. Hence, you should provide us with a suitable timeframe for this task to be performed.

    • How to check yourself - if you are already on SuperId?

    There is no checkbox or status for your site directly - as this is not a feature in the product - but the environment your site is located in. There are a few ways to tell the difference though:

    1. In "Settings and Maintenance", have a look at "Users". If you are able to set the password for a user - you are not on SuperId.
      - if it says "Log on with 'SuperId" on each user - you are on SuperId.
    2. If you go to id.superoffice.com and are able to log in (no error message), you are on SuperID
      - Try logging in to online.superoffice.com - if it redirects you to id.superoffice.com your user is a SuperID user - and if this user belongs to your site - it is on SuperID.
      (this is not valid if you use multi-tenant - and not all users for both/all sites are moved over - but then you 'll see "new login experience" button when logging in)
    3. - Contact support - and ask "Is my site custxxxx on SuperID?"