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Question regarding licensing


In the release notes for v10 I see the following mentioned:

"Configurable company and contact cards *"

" * Requires Developer Tools licence (fka Expander Services)"

Does this mean that existing customers which upgrade from v9 (or earlier) and don't have expander services, will lose the ability to control the layout of the user defined fields?

The company and contact tab of the Fields pane in the CRM.Web admin now only allow you to control the order of the fields, and it is automatically split up in columns of 5 fields. This will mean a huge loss of functionality for customers without expander services when upgrading to SuperOffice 10.

RE: Question regarding licensing


We will give all customers a free trial of Configurable Screens until 01.01.2022.

This should give customers the possibility to adjust and improve their layout on the More tab. And the other tabs if they would like to do so :) 


Best regards,



Av: Trude Lien Smedbråten 28. sep 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing


What about existing OnSite customers? When they are upgraded to SuperOffice 10 and do not have expander services/development tools they will lose the access to designing their own more card layout (which they previously could)

Av: David Hollegien 6. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

We could grant upgraded customers the Config Screen license, similar to how we give them mail-merge, so they don't lose access to existing functionality. (but then there is no upsell opportunity)

The Licensing powers-that-be would need to approve.

Av: Christian Mogensen 6. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

I think that would be a good & fair solution for existing customers, grant them purely the configurable screens to not loss existing functionality. Upsell opportunity is then still there for the other functionality's in the development tools package.

Av: David Hollegien 7. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

What do the Licensing powers-that-be think of this?

Av: David Hollegien 13. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

Hi David,

We have actually given this considerable thought. Configrable screen is the perfect opportunity for upsell to Development Tools and we do not want to miss it. It is also a fact that it introduces considerable new value to SuperOffice CRM and that it should ne ok for our customers to pay a small amount to get access to this - and a lot more tools that we know they will benefit from. All our customers will have the opportunity to use Configurable Screens to adapt to a new interface during the "free trial period". All in all we think it's a good decision ;-)


Av: Guttorm Nielsen 19. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

Hi Guttorm,

Thanks for your response.

How would this free trial period work for OnSite? As far as I know Configurable screens needs to be feature toggle enabled in the first versions. Do you automatically get the free trial once you enable the feature toggle?

Regarding the upselling, I understand your point, but once you enable Configurable screens at OnSite customers without the Development Tools license you are actively taking away a feature (defining the more tab layout) that they might have used for years. I think it would be fair and save us a lot of discussions with customers to enable the Configurable screens part for existing OnSite customers, and you would still have the upsell opportunity regarding the rest of the Development Tools license (custom screens, crmscript, etc).

Personally I also think it will be quite a hard sell to customers that A. The layout they might have now is not possible 10 (only column based, no table options or free movement) and that B. If they want to change it they will have to purchase an additional license.

I remember a presentation when the chat and forms modules where put in to seperate licenses with a slide with the text that you should never take functionality from the customer that it already had. Strongly agree with that one.



Av: David Hollegien 20. okt 2021

RE: Question regarding licensing

Interesting topic - also wondering how we will deal with on-site customers and their upgrade to SuperOffice 10 and how to manage a "free trial configurable screens" combined with the "upsell thought".


Wondering which scenario we will apply for onsite upgrade(s) in the upcoming months:

1) Will we support the free trial option for configurable screens in perhaps only the first few on-site versions of SuperOffice 10? 

2) Will we "always" support the free trial option for configurable screens?

3) Will we "never" support the free trial option for configurable screens (thus, it requires developer tools)?

Av: Bas Kreijveld 22. okt 2021