Learn the essentials of SuperOffice Sales

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    We designed SuperOffice Sales to help you as a sales person to be more efficient in your daily work. We want to help you focus on selling. So you will be able to reach your sales targets and be successful.

    Reach your sales targets

    We understand you want to close as many sales opportunities as possible. And if possible you like to do it in the shortest amount of time. This is the quickest way to reach your budget.

    There are two ways to increase your success in Sales. You can increase your activity output, so you end up in more closing meetings. Or you can improve the quality of the conversations you have with your customers.

    The quality of your work is in your hands. We are, unfortunately, not able to improve this for you.

    But we can help you to increase the number of activities you start and complete. By working more efficient you can get more work done in less time.

    This guide will show you how you can start the right kind of activities. How you can use SuperOffice Sales focus on the hottest sales opportunities. We will help you to get better control of your sales processes. So you can keep better track of your pipeline. You will find out how easy it is to report and measure your sales results with SuperOffice Sales.

    See how easy it can be to follow up on your sales with SuperOffice. Always be on top on your pipeline, prioritize activities according to importance. And keep your pipeline updated.

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.

    Learn the essentials of SuperOffice Sales

    In this guide we cover the essential part of working with Sales. Each part will explain how you can use SuperOffice to be more productive. This guide will help you to:

    Register and prioritize your sales

    As you know it's important to follow up on a sale at the right time. Register all your sales in SuperOffice and update the sale every time. This way you are always in control of the sales process. And it will be easy to prioritize your sales opportunities. You will work more efficient and you can close more deals.

    Register and prioritize sales

    Plan your next activity with Pipeline management

    To reach your targets every month you have to make sure you have enough sales opportunities on going. SuperOffice pipeline management will help you to determine what activities you have to perform. Whether you should generate new leads. Or whether you should focus on closing. You will close enough deals to reach your targets. While you maintain a healthy pipeline going forward.

    Use pipeline management

    Create your proposals faster

    By using SuperOffice to write, save and send your proposals you can save a lot of time. Your proposals will be easy to find, easy to send and you cut the risk of making mistakes.

    Create proposals