How to register your sales

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    To work efficient, in sales you need to prioritize your work. Imagine you have a long list of customers that all want to buy. But you don't have enough time to call them all. This means you have to prioritize. Which customers are you going to call? The customers that will spend the most money and the customers that are willing to buy today.

    Of course in real life, it isn't going to be this simple. But by focussing on the right opportunities you can increase your chances of success.

    So how do you know which are the best opportunities?

    Just register all your sales in SuperOffice. And let SuperOffice do the hard work. All your sales opportunities will appear in the sales overview, your pipeline.

    Learn how to register a Sale

    How to register a new sale:

    1. Go to the Sales module and click New.
    2. Add the Name you want to give to the sale and add the expected sales Amount.
    3. Don't forget to register the sale on the right company name with the right contact person.
    4. Register the sales type, the sales stage you are in and when you expect to close the deal. In other words, when you expect the customer to make a decision. When you have registered all this information you will be able to find your sale in the Sales Secretary and start your sales follow up.

    Click New to open a new sales opportunity. Make sure to enter all the important information. This will help you when you need to prioritize your sales.

    How to register a sale