How to use the sales guide

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    Selling is all about the timing. As a Salesperson, you need to prioritize your time. Using Sales in SuperOffice can help you to follow up your leads at the right time in the sales process. By taking control of the sales process you make sure you don’t postpone or lose your sale.

    By working more structured and effective you are able to handle more sales opportunities. And what happens when you get more sales opportunities? You will probably close more deals.

    The Sales guide will also ensure that all sales reps are working in one unified way. New employees will have a pre-defined best practice to follow.

    Learn how to use the Sales guide

    The sales guide will guide you through the different stages of a predefined sales process. The sales guide suggests which follow-up you should perform, and which documents you have to create in each stage. It can also suggest the next step in the sales process.

    When you register a sale, the Sales guide will become available. The default sales guide can be configured to support your way of selling.

    1. Open the Sale module and open a new or existing sale.
    2. If you open a new sale, make sure you register all the necessary details.
    3. Go to the Sales guide tab. The sales guide will show you where you are in the sales process. You can see what activities you have to complete to move the sales opportunities forward.
    4. Click on Create to open the next activity you have to complete. You can now register a follow up activity, meeting or a document. All activities and documents you create are registered on the activity tab of the Sales card as well as the customer card. Activities will also be visible in your Diary.
    5. When you complete your activity, SuperOffice helps you by suggesting the next activity. Making sure you don’t forget to create the next follow up activity. This way your Sale is always updated.
    6. The steps of creating and completing activities and documents continue until the sale is either sold or lost.

    sales guide

    The sales guide will help you simplify and structure you sales process.

    The sales guide comes with 5 standard sales stages that apply to every general sales process. It can be used straight out of the box.

    It is also possible to set up sales guides to support your best sales practices. You can determine the different stages as well as the activities and documents per stage. The best way to define your own sales guide, is first to discuss and agree on your best practice sales steps. Perhaps you have a different sales process for selling to existing customers than for selling to new customers. You can set up different sales guides if you want.

    Here you can learn how to create a sales guide.

    Take control over your sales process, save time and sell more!