How to use your sales overview

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    When you have registered all your sales opportunities, the Sales overview will give you an overview of all your sales. This overview allows you to prioritize your most urgent or valuable opportunities. This way you will always know what sales opportunity to focus on next.

    At the same time you can report your performance to your sales manager. All he has to do is have a look at the sales dashboards, your sales overview or print a report.

    Learn how to prioritize your sales opportunities

    Use the sales overview to prioritize your sales to be more effective and increase your sales. Your sales overview is a part of your Diary, and is a list of all your sales opportunities. When you update your sales after following up on a customer, your overview will reflect this.

    This is how you can use the Sales overview:

    1. Open your Diary
    2. Go to the Sales tab. Here you can sort your overview on columns. pipeline overview
      Your sales overview will show you the sales you have to follow up on today.
      • To find the biggest sales opportunities, you can click on “Amount”.
      • To find the most urgent cases, click on sales date to sort and prioritize on sales date

    If you see a red sale, you know it is overdue. Then you need to follow up on the customer or update the sale. Just double click on the sale to open and update it.

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