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    Help desk systems are all about information. It is crucial to know how to navigate and search for information in an information system.

    Easy access to customer information

    Imagine you have a customer on hold. Is the contact a customer or prospect? Does the customer have unanswered requests? Does the customer have a special service level agreement with you? Is your company in the last stage of signing a big deal where the slightest thing can ruin it all? Do you need to send a mailing to your most dissatisfied customers?

    There are many scenarios where you need data to keep good relations with your contacts. Only by having all the information about this customer available you will be able to give the customer to service they need.

    Log in to SuperOffice and start Service by choosing it from the navigator. Service will now open in another tab on your browser. Look up your most important customers and see whether their contact details and other information are updated. Update information if necessary.

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