Access Service on your mobile device

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    Service compact mode is ideal for SuperOffice Service users who work in the field. Compact mode offers you the most essential features of SuperOffice Service adapted for use on a smartphone or tablet. 

    Compact mode features

    With Compact mode you can:

    • create a new request
    • get an overview of your own open requests
    • get an overview of all open requests
    • view requests per category
    • see all selections
    • search for contacts or requests

    Get access now

    Service Compact mode is available for all users of SuperOffice Service. Open the following URL on your mobile phone or tablet and log in:

    SuperOffice Online users can use the following URL:

    SuperOffice Onsite users have to copy the URL for their Service solution and add the following string add the end of their URL:/scripts/rms.fcgi/compactMode

    You can log in by using your SuperOffice username and password.

    Send the URL to yourself by clicking the grey envelope button below. You see the button next to the social media sharing buttons.

    If you use a local installation of SuperOffice (Onsite), please contact your system administrator or SuperOffice for more information.