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Learn the essentials of administrating SuperOffice CRM and Service

In this article

    This guide will help you administrate and set up the different parts of SuperOffice – Standard CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service.

    You can of course use SuperOffice the way it is, without changing any settings. And that will be great for many companies.

    However, many develop their own routines, their own unique ways of working. And these workflows and processes can be so critical that you want to implement them in your CRM solution.

    How to do it:

    Which setup guides you need to follow is decided by which user plans you users have. The general part is all about the basics you need to get your system up and ready to use. Then there are parts that apply to users in Sales, Service & Marketing.

    1. Standard CRM

    The standard CRM setup involves deciding what you want to achieve and setting up the system to support this. You also import contacts, and then invite your users in and make sure they get a good start.

    Standard CRM settings

    2. Marketing

    The marketing people may need some additional segmentation criteria.

    Marketing settings

    3. Sales

    Setting up the system for your salespeople is all about adjusting the system to your real-life sales routines. You can also set up functionality that helps them send quotations faster.

    Sales settings

    4. Service

    Setting up for Service involves getting all inquiries into one system, assigning responsibility to different groups, and setting up self-help resources.

    Service settings

    Get help with configuration

    For more advanced configuration where you need help from one of our professional consultants, please contact us to learn more.