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Inform your contacts you will save their information

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    In the new GDPR world, individuals have the “Right to be Informed”. This means that they are entitled to know either in advance or within 30 days after their details have been collected.

    The GDPR stipulates that individuals are entitled to be informed (a) that an organization intends to store their personal data and (b) what the organization intends to use their data for.

    Collect their consent upfront through forms

    By using integrated forms available in your CRM solution, you can collect a person’s consent at the same time they complete a web form and give you their personal details. This consent is automatically documented inside SuperOffice CRM using the Consent Management features.

    This video will show you how to create a basic web form and add it to your web page. 

    Send automatic email confirmations

    SuperOffice CRM lets you automatically send a privacy confirmation email to individuals who are registered in your database. The email is sent automatically to a contact when they are first registered in SuperOffice, without you having to do anything.

    Not only is this a polite way of following up on your initial contact with a customer, but it also offers your contact an easy way to let you know if they have any questions or objections to you storing their information.

    You can configure the system to also include a link which will lead to a personal subscription page. In this link, your contacts can select what kind of communication they want to receive.

    How to resend a privacy email confirmation

    From the Contact screen, you can send or resend the privacy confirmation email to a contact. Go to the required contact in the Contact screen and do the following:

    Click Task in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then select Send privacy confirmation e-mail. In the dialog box that opens, fill in the fields as preferred and send.

    Send a confirmation email to inform all the contact you save in your CRM database

    The confirmation email will be sent to the contact and also automatically archived in the Activities section tab.

    How to edit the privacy confirmation email

    This would require that you have more than one privacy email template set up in the system. You can create and add as many as you need inside Settings and Maintenance, and you may add as many language versions you need too.

    Note: The privacy email template is a document template and is created and edited the same way as other document templates within Settings and maintenance.

    Editing the default privacy email template:

    1. Enter Settings and maintenance and click on Lists. Find the template named “Privacy confirmation email” in the Document Template list. Double click to open the edit dialogue box where you can change the name, description and so on.
    2. Next, click on the Edit button to open the HTML editor where you can change the email content.
    3. When you are ready, click Save and then Save again to return to the Document Template list.  

    When you have completed these steps, the new edited version is ready and can be used immediately.

    Tip: To add new templates, you can easily copy an existing document template file and edit this to fit.

    In the video below, you can see how you can edit an existing template, in this example a quote template, inside Settings and Maintenance.