How to update e-marketing subscription options

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    All consents and legal bases you register in SuperOffice CRM are visible when you click the field Legal Basis on a Contact card. This also includes the consent for E-marketing.

    E-marketing consent (screenshot)

    Once a contact has said “yes” to receiving your E-marketing communications, different categories of content mailings, i.e. subscription types, will then become visible.

    E-marketing subscription preferences (screenshot)

    This will help you know what preferences a particular contact has set.

    If a person changes their mind and decides to remove their consent for E-marketing, they can withdraw it on their personal webpage.

    Personal page for subscription preferences (screenshot)

    This action will turn the E-marketing button off in your SuperOffice CRM database, and the customer’s consent will be registered as withdrawn and the contact is automatically omitted from any mailings.

    If a person changes their mind and decides to change their E-Marketing subscriptions, you can update these preferences in the Contact card in the Interests tab.

    To do it, go to the Interests tab and select Edit. This will bring up the different E-marketing options that are possible. Simply click or unclick these options to update your contact’s subscription preferences.

    Update subscription preferences if you have the access rights to do so

    In order to change e-marketing subscriptions for a contact, you need to have special access rights to do so.