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    You can use SuperOffice the way it is as default. However, some may want to customize the system to fit their processes.

    SuperOffice Standard CRM comes pre-defined when you start using SuperOffice CRM. SuperOffice can be used in almost all companies in its standard setup, or it can be customized to fit your company specific needs.

    Keep it simple

    You can adjust SuperOffice by yourself if you have basic needs, or have experience with setting up CRM from before. Otherwise we recommend you to get professional help. Our customers who have had help experience faster results.

    We advise all administrators to start basic. It is best to start as simple as possible and change the configuration as you go along.

    In this section we will teach you how to set up the basic parts of SuperOffice Standard CRM.

    Here is everything you need to get your solution set up and ready to go.

    1. Prepare your implementation

    To achieve the goals you have set for your CRM initiative, the solution must fit your unique ways of working. Define the workflows you want to improve, and set up SuperOffice accordingly to support your employees' routines.

    How to prepare your implementation

    2. Configure

    Adjusting your system to the way your team works makes it easier to use, and gives more accurate results.

    How to configure your system

    3. Import contacts

    By importing your customer data all in one go, you can quickly get started with managing customer relationships in SuperOffice.

    How to import contacts

    4. Get users on board

    Involve your users from the start. Make sure that the system is easy to use, and train your employees. Making a routine guide for how to use SuperOffice is a good start.

    How to get users on board

    Use our checklist for administrators to make sure you get everything done