Why set up a project guide

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    It’s easy to lose overview when juggling multiple projects at the same time. You may lose sight of the things that need to be done during each stage of the project. If you don’t have a good structure helping you, you risk missing your deadline, which may bring additional costs and displease management.

    SuperOffice developed the Project guide to help project managers get total control of every step in the process so they are able to deliver their projects on time.

    Work more structured

    Every project has a status. This status indicates how far you are into your project. A project can be planned, in progress and completed for example.

    A project guide consists of all your project statuses, including the necessary follow-ups and documents, to guide the project manager through the entire project.

    Many companies work with different kind of projects at the same time. Different projects, where each project has its own set of statuses. To make it easy to use the different projects at the same time SuperOffice allows you to use project types. Each project type will have its own project guide, with specific project statuses. The project guide will be enabled in the Project screen when the user creates a new project or changes the project type of an existing project.

    When you use the project guide, and one of your stages is completed SuperOffice can automatically prompt the next activity so you can plan your next activity straight away. When you plan your next activity straight away you make sure you are always in control and will never miss another milestone.

    Create your own project guide

    Within your project you can use a project guide to easily keep control and overview on the progress of your project.

    Design your own project guide

    In the Project guide tab in the Workflow screen in SuperOffice Administration, you can design your own project guides to guide project managers through projects.

    The project guide comes with three standard statuses that apply to most general project processes. It can be used straight out of the box.

    When you set up your own project guide, you can determine the statuses as well as the activities and documents per status.
    The best way to define your own project guide, is first to discuss and agree on your best practice project statuses. Perhaps different projects ask for a different approach and therefore need a different project guide. It’s possible to set up multiple project guides.

    How to create a project guide