Be proactive when you follow up on your customers

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    SAINT stands for SAles INTelligence. When we designed SuperOffice SAINT, one of our primary objectives was to support and improve work processes in your company. To improve your company’s results, it is important to predefine every action in your business process and analyze the status and results of all processes.

    Analyzing the information inside your CRM system gives you insight on what you can do to improve your business. With SuperOffice SAINT you can search for information that is present and not present inside SuperOffice. For example:

    • Which customers did we forget to follow up on in the last 6 months?
    • Which customers did not buy from us in the last 3 months?
    • Are there customers with too many requests in the last 6 weeks?
    • Do you have future activities registered on all current projects?

    These questions are the starting point for the decision to take action. By taking action, you can improve or correct the existing situation.

    Let's get more specific

    Let’s start with a simple example to explain how SuperOffice SAINT works and look at Bridgecom.

    Bridgecom is a company that sells computers, laptops and office software. As you know, every computer needs to be updated with new software or at times it needs to be replaced altogether.

    But the team at Bridgecom struggles to get an overview of the companies that need new computers and a software update. They would love to have a list of companies that haven’t updated their computers in the last 2 years. This way they would know exactly what customers to follow up at the start of every month. But they don’t know how to create this overview.

    With SAINT, Bridgecom can search for all customers with no open or completed sales on the customer card that were registered in the last 2 years. The SAINT selection will give them an overview of who these customers are. Based on information that is not present in the customer database. (There are no sales registered in the last 2 years)

    With this overview, Bridgecom can decide how they wish to follow up on their customers to improve the relationship with their customers and to drive up sales.

    selection of neglected customers (screenshot)


    With SuperOffice SAINT you can analyze your database to get an overview of customers, sales, requests, and documents. You can raise awareness through graphs and reports. The people responsible for the area you analyzed with SAINT can take action to improve the existing situation.


    SuperOffice SAINT provides continuously updated data available for both real-time and ad-hoc analysis. Both methods are used to ensure relevant and correct feedback. The analysis is the starting point of it all.

    With SuperOffice SAINT it is not only possible to search for elements present in your database. But you can also search for elements missing. An example of the latest is a search for contacts that have not had any activities of a specific type or intention within a specified period. SAINT will give you all customers without a follow-up (open or completed) activity for the last 6 months.

    saint criteria's (screenshot)


    When the analysis is done, you need to trigger your colleagues to act on the results. SuperOffice SAINT uses visual Status Indicators on a customer, potential customer, a sale or a project. It is impossible for an employee to overlook this indicator. The user will immediately see there is an opportunity, a problem or something that calls for action. You can use any kind of image like a crying baby for customers that haven’t been followed up. A dollar sign for customers with overdue sales. Or a lifebuoy for customers with too many service requests.

    At the same time, SAINT will provide the employee with suggested actions for the specific situation. They can create a follow-up activity or add the customer to a selection.

    customer card with a crying baby watermark (screenshot)The SAINT criteria that generate the analyses you use will automatically become searchable “fields”. Any user can use these fields to set up his or her customized list of actions or searches within the selection module.


    The visual indicator on a card or selection has now made the user aware that action is needed. With a few clicks, the user is able to access the SAINT selection. This selection holds all the customers that need to be followed up.

    Using your SAINT selection you can take action in the form of personal follow-ups, personalized email campaigns, or place outbound call activities in the diaries of account managers.

    As soon as the follow-up action is saved in SuperOffice, the selection can be updated to give an accurate overview of the current situation. The customers you follow-up will automatically be removed from your selection.

    Improve your business today by learning how to set up SuperOffice SAINT.