How to set up SAINT

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    SuperOffice SAINT can be used in many different ways and for many different processes. Before successfully implementing the SAINT feature it is important to know what you wish to improve and how you can analyse this.

    Once you know what you want to improve, try to think of the action your company can take to improve on the existing situation. What action will you take?

    • Send out a group mailing using Mailings
    • Call all customers in the SAINT selection
    • Follow up on all requests

    Because SuperOffice SAINT can be used in many different ways we will explain how to setup SAINT with a simple example.

    We want to analyse which customer "our" company has not been in contact with for more than 6 months. So we can use the SAINT selection to follow up and call these neglected customers.

    Learn how to setup SuperOffice SAINT

    SuperOffice SAINT is part of the Settings and maintenance module. You need administrator rights to be able to set up SAINT.

    1. Log into SuperOffice, go to the System settings and open the Settings and maintenance.settings menu where you can choose the settings and maintenance module (screenshot)
    2. Inside Setting & maintenance, open the SAINT module from the navigator menu on the left-hand side.
    3. In the Status tab, you have to set counters. Read the information about the counters carefully before setting up your periods. Click Save to save your periods.
    4. Under Task you Regenerate all status monitors.
    5. Choose the Company or Project tab to setup your SAINT criteria.
    6. Next, we will add the Status monitors. Click on Add in the bottom left.
      Setup the saint criteria in the company tab inside the Saint module (screenshot)
    7. Add the name of your Status monitor. For example Neglected customers (6+ months). Add a description. (Not mandatory) Then click Save.
    8. The name of your status monitor will now be visible, together with your description. Click on the tab Create follow-up, if you want to connect a follow-up activity to the status monitor. This way the user can easily register the follow-up activity when they click on the Saint indicator on the contact card.
    9. You can now add an image to indicate a customer is neglected. Check the box Visualise on the right-hand side. Then click Change image to upload an image of your choice.
    10. Now click the Add button in the center at the bottom of your screen to add your SAINT criteria. (Above Task) You will see that a new line appears showing a menu with all the different modules of SuperOffice represented.
      1. Click on Company, and choose Category from the list. You will now see that Category is added to your list of criteria.
        showing the menu where you can choose the saint criteria (screenshot)
        Click on Click here to select list items. Select all customer types you have registered and move them over to the Selected values side of the Add search criteria menu. Click OK to finish.
        choose the categories you wish to use (screenshot)
      2. Click Add again. Now select Company (SAINT) from the list and select Number of activities in last 90 days from the list that appears. Now add the sign is smaller than < and add the number 1. Then click on Click here to select list items.
        showing the menu where you can choose the saint criteria (screenshot)
      3. You now have to make a decision. You can choose to leave the SAINT-type on All. This way you assure that no SAINT-type has been used and completed in the last 90 days. Or you can choose to use a specific activity type. This should then be the activity you use to register your customer follow-up activities. Click OK to save these criteria.
      4. Now click the Regenerate selected status monitor button, under Task. This will activate your criteria.

    last 90 days

    Set up your SAINT selection

    You can now go back to SuperOffice CRM and open a new dynamic selection to see all the contacts you have to follow up on. Make sure to add your Saint criteria. Click Add, then click next to the field and choose company (SAINT). Find your SAINT status monitor. In our example, we will choose Neglected Customers and click OK. Refresh your selection and you will know exactly which customers to follow up on.