How to set up your built-in email client

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    For users that use a Mac, or don`t use Outlook we have developed the built-in email client. This email client will allow you to send and archive all your emails to and from SuperOffice.

    Learn how to set up the internal email client

    Setting up your internal email client in SuperOffice.

    The Inbox in the SuperOffice Sales & Marketing CRM for Web/Online is based on a separate e-mail client which gives you access to your e-mail via the Internet. You can use this to archive e-mails in SuperOffice.

    The inbox screen consists of several tabs that allow you to navigate within your Inbox.

    On the right-hand side there is a preview tab, which shows the content of the e-mail that is highlighted in your inbox.

    See this FAQ for how to configure the SuperOffice Inbox if you use Gmail, or Office 365.